The 1 Low 閳ユ翻riple Black閳?sports a monochromatic all-black look for unlimited versatility. First released in 1982, the 1 has transcended its performance origins to become simply one of 閳ユ獨 premier lifestyle shoes, adored by opposing style disciples for its history, sleek silhouette, and comfort. Black leather appears on the perforated toe, mid-panel, and heel. Branding appears in the form of a tonal Swooshes on each side, 閳?Air閳?embroidery on the heel, and a black nylon 閳? 1閳?logo on the tongue. A silver 閳ユ穾F1閳?emblem on the laces provides a touch of contrast on the otherwise stealthy shoe. Black”Air ” branding dots the heel of the midsole to complete the look.


US10.5/UK9.5/EUR44.5, US10/UK9/EURO44, US11.5/UK10.5/EURO45.5, US11/UK10/EURO45, US12/UK11/EURO46, US4.5/UK4/EURO36.5, US4/UK3.5/EURO36, US5.5/UK5/EURO38, US5/UK4.5/EURO37.5, US6.5/UK6/EURO39, US6/UK5.5/EURO38.5, US7.5/UK6.5/EURO40.5, US7/UK6/EURO40, US8.5/UK7.5/EURO42, US8/UK7/EURO41, US9.5/UK8.5/EURO43, US9/UK8/EURO42.5


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