The 1 Low 閳ユ罚oise Cancelling閳?released in 2018 in celebration of the opening of ’s Fifth Avenue flagship store. The special 閳ユ罚oise Cancelling閳?collection recognizes incredible moments in the city閳ユ獨 sports history. This 1 is presented with a classic white-on-white colorway with a removable Swoosh on the sides. Paying its respect to football, the 1 Low highlights Odell Beckham Jr.閳ユΞ amazing one-handed catch in 2014.


US10.5/UK9.5/EUR44.5, US10/UK9/EURO44, US11.5/UK10.5/EURO45.5, US11/UK10/EURO45, US12/UK11/EURO46, US4.5/UK4/EURO36.5, US4/UK3.5/EURO36, US5.5/UK5/EURO38, US5/UK4.5/EURO37.5, US6.5/UK6/EURO39, US6/UK5.5/EURO38.5, US7.5/UK6.5/EURO40.5, US7/UK6/EURO40, US8.5/UK7.5/EURO42, US8/UK7/EURO41, US9.5/UK8.5/EURO43, US9/UK8/EURO42.5


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