The 1 Low 閳ユ凡hat the LA閳?is a special mismatched design dedicated to the Los Angeles-area professional sports franchises. For the first time ever, team uniform colors of the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Dodgers, and collide on one sneaker. The 閳ユ凡hat the LA閳? 1 uses a leather upper with vibrant contrasting colors that cover each panel of the shoe. Different colors and textures are found on each side Swoosh, while 閳ユ窡os Angeles閳?is written inscript lettering on each heel. Mini embroidered Swoosh branding is added to the forefoot. Both midsoles of the 閳ユ凡hat the LA閳? 1 don a speckled motif, and the outsoles complete the mismatched theme with different shades of translucent rubber. The 1 Low 閳ユ凡hat the LA閳?was released on November 1, 2019.


US10.5/UK9.5/EUR44.5, US10/UK9/EURO44, US11.5/UK10.5/EURO45.5, US11/UK10/EURO45, US12/UK11/EURO46, US4.5/UK4/EURO36.5, US4/UK3.5/EURO36, US5.5/UK5/EURO38, US5/UK4.5/EURO37.5, US6.5/UK6/EURO39, US6/UK5.5/EURO38.5, US7.5/UK6.5/EURO40.5, US7/UK6/EURO40, US8.5/UK7.5/EURO42, US8/UK7/EURO41, US9.5/UK8.5/EURO43, US9/UK8/EURO42.5


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